When I tell people I'm flirting with 30, they tell me I look like I'm in college and I have the energy of a pre-adolescent. Well, that's good because did you know there are 195 countries in this world? My goal is to travel to as many countries as my age. My current count? 14. Yikes. Better get jetsettin'! Read More

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Dear Travel Diary

Travel Musings

Travel Musings

While traveling abroad, there are numbers of connections, incidents, and observations to be had. I created this travel musings section to share personal thoughts, stories, and insights along the way.

Why? Because life is amusing and too interesting not to share. 🙂 You can find my personal thoughts on Amsterdam’s Red Light District, stories of the amazing kindness from strangers, and what it’s like to live in the country.

There is so much to share beyond things to do and places to eat. I hope to inspire you to get out there and travel. If not, hopefully you can live vicariously and experience some of these moments through my words.  Travel isn’t always glamorous and my aim is to write from a very honest angle in all that I’ve experienced along this journey.

Also, I started this section because I am funding my travels through career coaching on CultiVitae where I spend countless hours a week writing professional resume and cover letters. I like to think of this as my little creative project and outlet.

Thank you for reading!



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